Safari Park Family Day 2017

Sunny Games for All

Setting up for the ball games outside

We had a great time at Blair Drummond  Safari Park this year. Although we couldn’t completely escape the rain most of it fell while Mick Magic was wielding his wand in the marquee and entertaining the children with wonderful tricks and corny jokes so we all kept dry.


As always the Blair Drummond staff were absolutely wonderful and came up trumps with trays of chocolate doughnuts and other cakes which disappeared like sleight of hand along with the sandwiches, crisps, juice and fruit. Janice, our Chair, had also made tray bakes and chocolate marshmallows so everyone definitely got their sugar buzz for the day!

With lots of crafts and playdough inside and  Steven organising football with some of the other volunteers outside no-one had time for anything but fun – which was exactly the point of the whole day!

Many thanks to everyone who came and to those who helped make it such a successful event.


Time to relax and chat over lunch.

Time to relax and chat over lunch.


Magical Lunch

Are you ready to lose your finger?

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