Our Ongoing Support for Paediatric Research

Representatives from Brain Tumour Action and the Astro Low Grade Glioma Fund met up in London at the Blizard Institute on March 14th. We were given an extremely warm welcome, not to mention both a delicious lunch and tea. The staff gave presentations about their current findings and then took us on a tour of the laboratories where we were able to view some of the work for ourselves.

support 1

Alice McGregor looking at samples of brain tissue

The research team, led by the indefatigable Professor Denise Sheer, is studying the epigenetics of childhood low grade brain tumours. We feel greatly privileged to be able to part-fund this groundbreaking work for a second year.

Denise Sheer introducing us to the study of epigenetics.

Denise Sheer introducing us to the study of epigenetics.

If you are reading this then please consider making a donation to Brain Tumour Action so that we can continue our support for their valuable work.

Just think: your generosity now may help to save a child’s life not so far into the future!


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