Well done Lorna!

Lorna Crawford is fundraising for the John Hopkins Fund and in memory of two friends who died of cancer last year. She has just had her 40th.birthday so she asked all her friends for donations instead of presents. She completed the 25km run in Brighton this month and she is also doing a 200 mile… Read More

Clara’s Contribution

  Clara Bernstein ran 10km in the Manchester ‘Run in the Dark’ at the end of 2014 in recognition of the great bravery of her friend Darren Walshaw who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour last August. He and his wife, Carmel and their two sons have responded to this shocking diagnosis with immense… Read More

The Colour Purple

Gail Easton supported one of her local primary schools in fundraising for the Leighanne Easton Fund. She wrote: “Our school had a successful purple day so I popped over to see everyone (as I work at a different school on Tues and Wed) and shocked the kids with how purple I had gone! I love… Read More

Saigon to Angkor Wat

Katherine – you did it! Well done. Hope you’re not too saddle-sore after such a marathon cycle ride. All the money you raised will go into the Leighanne Easton Fund to promote greater awareness and earlier detection of brain tumours in young adults.

Judgement Day Tennis

This is a shortened version of the highly entertaining article just sent to us by Chief Organiser Jonathan Russell. The full text will appear in our next issue of KITE where you will find out exactly how it happened and who won this epic contest. Many thanks to all who helped along the way. It… Read More